Proof of Funds in Real Estate—What You Need to Know

Real estate involves buying buildings or homes in a specific location. One of the documents that real estate investors can provide to show a serious offer is a proof of funds letter. This document shows how much cash an investor possesses. For cash buyers in real estate who want to show their commitment to purchasing […]

Proof of Funds for Cash Offers — Securing the Deal

In the world of real estate investing, a cash offer is how many investors choose to make their offers. But how can an investor show proof of funds for a cash offer without having any sort of bank statement? It’s easy! Read on to learn more about how a Proof of Funds Letter will help […]

How Do I Show Proof of Funds?

Buying a piece of real estate is a dream for everyone and marks a new chapter in the buyer’s life. There is a preconception that placing an order on a property is the most challenging part of the buying process. One of the steps in the buying process is proving your rate of affordability. Buyers […]